Nansha exchange programme

From 25th to 27th March, I have accompanied members of Moy to Nansha. After long school days, I eventually chilled out and departed from Hong Kong, putting more effort in orchestra practices. We rendezvoused at about seven thirty in a crowded pier and embarked on our travel.

It cannot be denied that the city is becoming more and more advanced and well equipped. To my great surprise, the primary school we visited was extraordinarily large comparing to Hong Kong’s. Stadium, basketball courts were built, as well as programmes educating pupils to learn instruments, which favor their all-rounded developments and unearth their potential despite striving for academic achievements.

When it comes to the rehearsals, my jaw dropped for the sake of the large scale orchestra I have ever seen. Pupils from two schools in Zhanjiang and Nansha played pieces with us. I vividly remember it was a long rehearsal for pupils to get their instruments tuned and the task was a tall order. Nevertheless, it is tolerable as they are only kids. To be frank, they were really energetic in playing the pieces and it is a wondrous experience playing with them. At the beginning, it was hard to coordinate with the beats of the music as some rushes and some played in moderate speed. It was a bit distraught since we have only two days to get over it. To my great relief, after arduous practices and dedicated efforts, the concert was successful. It reflected that our tenacity paid off and we were capable enough to achieve our goal. Patently, it dawns on everyone that hard work pays off and the more we do to strive our goal, the sooner we can achieve. Through numerous practices, it honed my skills in counting the beat and enhancing my violin technique at the same time.

What’s more, as time passes, I have spent 2 years in Moy and it is not unusual to have challenges. Obstacles often exist. For instance, I was said to be lagged behind the beat and had to rectify it. In my opinion, we should admit our mistakes and overcome our obstacles and against adversities. Only when we remained steadfast in adversity can we grow to maturity.

In addition, in the wake of this trip, I realized that not only we were traveling with a view to mastering our skills, but also we had to understand the theme of this exchange programme, one should be grateful. We should pass our knowledge and our experiences, attitudes to the next generation, to let them have a better life in the future. Regardless of the different backgrounds of the children, we should join our hands together and work it out. Without doubts, they will definitely get on the right track.

Last but not least, it is sad to say this was the last concert with my friend Kathy, from the Chinese Orchestra. It was a memorable time for us to play and enjoy music together and I have learnt to cherish every moments with my friends in every concert and practices.

In short, this exchange programme was inspiring and intriguing and I hope I can visit Nansha again in the future and perform with the pupils from mainland.