Nansha Exchange 2016

From 25th March to 28th March during Easter holiday, is the day to go to Nansha exchange with the MOY members, it is the first time I went to the trip without my parents. I got on really well and the Secondary school student take care of us a lot. It is a great experience to go to Nansha to exchange. I can be more independent, try to go to other location with the MOY member.

On day 1, I woke up at 5:00 am ready to go to China Ferry Terminal with my mum, when I arrived there, I saw Mr. Kwok and other MOY members waiting some eating McDonald for breakfast. When it was 7:20 we started Check-in to departure, there was many people so I really need to take care of my passport if not I can't go back to Hong Kong!! When I was on board, I felt a bit tired so I decided to sleep in the next hour. After that we arrived Nansha, the environment at Nansha primary school look very nature, there have many plants, flowers and grass, it also have 4 basketball court !

Firstly, when we arrived to Nansha primary school, we started tuning our instruments. We started the rehearsal, and the first song we are going to practice is ‘Childhood Memories’ (童年的回憶) and then is time for us to eat Lunch, after lunch we have a short recess so we decided to play dodgeball, Boys VS Girls, and have so much fun there, at last the boys team have no much people left, they all decided to play Basketball and then the girls ran to play basketball too. Is almost time for the second rehearsal and the song we are going to practice is “Sandpaper Ballet” next we are going to practice 4 songs and we will be practicing with the kids in China they have many people, so chinese orchestra and us all together!!! So there is around 300 people in total!! When we tune up it take a hour to finish tuning because there is too much instrument to tune, so the teacher needs to tune it one by one, that makes me feel a bit sleepy but I still have to help people if their cello, sometimes I have to ask other MOY member to tune because I am still not very good at tuning. After finishing the very long rehearsal is time for dinner, when we finished dinner, is time for us to go to hotel and have a rest.

On day 2, I woke up at 6:00 and ready to go downstairs for breakfast and then we will go to Nansha District Tung Chung Town Cultural Centre for dress rehearsal we have to count the time use the timer and see how many is the whole performance. After lunch we keep have rehearsal on that. During dinner time is the same place as yesterday's restaurant but different food. After dinner we will walk back to the hotel and we play have a little chat then sleep.

On day 3 , is the last day at Nansha and then we will go back to Hong Kong. I woke up at 7:00 and then go downstairs to eat breakfast, after eating breakfast we are ready to go to Nansha District Tung Chung Town Cultural Centre, 28th is the date for us to perform, so when we arrived there we only practice changing seats, because changing seats takes a lot of time, if people choose to play big instruments, they need longer time to set up. When the performance started we are in the backstage ready to perform. When we finished performing, we have to go to Nansha Harbour to go back to Hong Kong, Unluckily, the bus driver goes to the wrong way so we have to go to Shenzhen Bay to go back to Hong Kong, so some parents, teacher and student take care of us so then we will leave at The Jockey Club Eduyoung College,

mum waiting for me helping me to take the luggage and that’s the end!!!!!

I am so happy to go to Nansha exchange with the MOY members, I can learn how to be independent, take care of my stuffs, follow the leader and try to be a risk-taker, hope I can go to Nansha soon!!!!!

By: NWNTSO 何栢瑤 Agenda Ho