2016 Namsha exchange tour

Namsha is not a new place for me. As I have been there on the 2013. At first I didn't look forward for this trip. My impression of this place was awful. The food tasted bad, the environment was bad, people was rude and the water pollution was serious. This trip really changed my mind, although the quality was not as good as Hong Kong.

On the 25th of March, we leave Hong Kong and went on the boat to Namsha. I didn't expect too much for this trip but l result that I received was precious. In my opinion, Namsha was not a clean environment and the people civics mindedness was not enough. Take the place that we have dinner as an example, it was not the matter of the food taste, it was the educate to the waiters was insufficient. I think the CEO of the restaurant should hold some employment training. In order to elevate the waiters in good mannered and responsibility.

Here is some advice for myself to improve my skills and attitude while learning and practicing. First, I think I should be more concentrate during practice. From the Namsha students I see my bad side and it widening horizons me of their bright side. I really know there is lots of room of improvement of my attitude while practicing.

Second, I think I should put more time for practicing my instrument. Let’s take one of the 湛江 student as an example, on the first day I met her. He didn’t play well during the combine orchestra. I told him to practice the way him hold the “pic” and also teach him how to play the notes. The next day I asked him to play the score and he really improved. I was praised. His roommate told me that he practise the score all through the night. I was so glad that I have paid such effort on this hardworking student. He lets me know that learning is not about the result, it is about how you gain knowledge during the process.

Third, I think I should got the students instrument tuned as fast as I could. There was lots of students playing the plug strings. At first it was a good thing, but the trouble is they did not even know how to got their instrument tuned. It was a touble for me. There was only four fully experiences plug strings member from the Hong Kong. We have to help about ten times of us to got their instrument tuned. I really shocked for the huge plug strings members. I will learn how to get the instrument tuned more faster.

The last thing that I really want to learn or improve is how to be a professional performer. Music brings me friendship, brings me joy, brings me power, brings me knowledge and it brings me to MOY this family. In the future, is really hard to say I will be or I must be a musician, but it was sure that I have fully learn how to be a teacher, how to be the concert master, how to be a master ceremony, how to make itinerary etc. These skills I think I can not find another place to learn from, but I have surly gain these from the MOY.

On behalf of the Chan’s family, I would like thanks all the supervisors of the MOY, the teachers and the parents who always spend there holiday to take care of us. Thank you .

EDCO ZhongRuan member
Chan Fung Ting Michelle 陳鳳婷